How to Build your OWN home gym!

Happy Wednesday Squadies! It appears that this state of social distancing and quarantine might be around for longer than we'd all like! Even though this is the case for now, doesn't mean that you have to, or SHOULD sacrifice your health and wellness! For all of you who have been participating in the 7 Day QUARAN-LEAN Challenge you know how quickly you can get the body burning with no equipment at all! I am so proud of the thousands of people who have been joining along and have made a commitment to their health during this uncertain time. It is evident that you truly DO NOT need a ton of equipment to reach your fitness goals. We have a ton of Squadies who have seen LEAN-Credible results while working out from home each and every day.
Amazing results are NOT dependant on WHERE you work out! At the gym, from home, at the park, in a hotel room, these are ALL places you can still get results, get the body burning and FEEL your best!
To get great results, all you need is:
  1. A Specific Goal in Mind
  2. A Well Thought Out Plan to Help Achieve Your Goal
  3. Dedication to Follow Your Plan and Reach Your Goal
  4. Commitment & Patience Because Not Everyday is going to be Perfect -- AND THAT'S OK! 

So, DON'T let our current situation deter you from reaching your goals. YOU can still get GREAT results while working out at home! To assist you in your journey, I have outlined a few simple pieces of equipment to help you build your own home gym!  Having a home gym is the perfect solution. Even once this pandemic is over, if you can’t get to the gym in time or just feel like working out at home, you will have everything you need! There is a ton of equipment to choose from, the key in making the perfect home gym is getting the RIGHT equipment! You do not need a lot, as long as you have a few of the essential pieces of equipment, you are good to go!  Everyone has a different amount of space available, and you don't have to break to bank to get the most out of each workout. Whether you're looking to outfit your entire garage, or simply get a few things that you can tuck away after you're done your living room HIIT, I have linked you with some of my favourite gym items! I have come up with 3 tiers of gyms, each perfect for the budget and space you have available! Whichever options you choose will be PERFECT for either our 90 Day Lean Plan or 6 Week Lean Challenge

Minimal Home Equipment - Under Around $150

  1. Small Flat Step Bench
  2. 1 or 2 sets Dumbbells.
  3. Booty Bands/Bands
  The minimal home gym equipment only consists of 3 things! That’s right! With these 3 pieces of equipment, you have enough to get in some good workouts! The step bench comes in handy for many different exercises. You can use it for any kind of elevated floor exercises such as push ups or mountain climbers. You can also use it for any kind of step-up exercises, which consist of many high intensity and/or muscle building options. Dumbbells are another must have piece of equipment! Having even 1-2 choices in weight is great to start with. Depending on your strength and what kind of exercises you are doing with these weights, the best weights for each person will differ. I would suggest getting something a little lighter (5-8lb) than another a little heavier (12-15lbs). You can choose to grab more if you like but i would definitely suggest a minimum of 2 sets for sure! The last must have piece of equipment are booty bands or resistance bands! This piece of equipment is by far one of the smallest, easiest to store and easiest to travel with. They are also super versatile and are available in a variety of different price ranges - so you can easily get yourself a set for $20 or under! This home set is perfect not only for a small budget but also for a small amount of space. If you live in an apartment or have a small amount of floor space then this set is perfect for you. 

Medium Home Equipment - Under Around $500

  1. 1 Bench (can go incline)
  2. Exercise Ball
  3. Multiple Sets of DB's OR an adjustable dumbbell (Bowflex/powerbilt)
  4. Bands
  5. Kettlebell(s)
  The medium home equipment set is another great option! It requires a little more space and is a little more expensive, but is still great for most small spaces. The bench is definitely the biggest piece of equipment here, so of course, only get this if you have the space! Having a bench that can incline can come in handy! There are many exercises you can do laying flat, straight, or inclined, all on that one piece of equipment! An exercise ball is great for many exercises and stretches! You can easily find a decently priced one for sure! As mentioned, dumbbells are a must have, getting multiple sets of dumbbells OR an adjustable dumbbell is a great option. Instead of buying all the different weights, you can just buy the one set that can be adjusted to the weight you want. The next addition in this next set of home gym equipment is kettlebells. Again, these do not take up much space and are very versatile. Having 1 or even 2 kettlebells is even enough! These 5 pieces of equipment is all you need  to build your own medium sized home gym!

Full Garage Gym

  1. Adjustable Workout Bench
  2. Exercise Ball
  3. Multiple Sets of DB's OR an adjustable dumbbell (Bowflex/powerbilt)
  4. Bands
  5. Kettlebell(s)
  6. Assault Bike, Rower, Treadmill
  7. Squat Rack
  8. Barbell with Weights
  This last large gym set I didn’t specify a price because depending on what you choose to get, brand etc. the prices can drastically vary! For the large gym package, you definitely need more space! The new additions to this gym set are a cardio machine such as an assault bike, rower or treadmill, a squat rack, and barbell with weights. A Cardio machine is a great purchase! Although it can be pricey and requires a decent amount of space, these machines typically have a long lifespan are great for both high and low impact workouts. A Squat rack is another big one, but is great for many muscle building exercises. Lastly, a barbell with weights goes hand and hand with a squat rack, but you can also use it without a rack. 
Overall, when looking to equip yourself with everything you need to workout at home, all you really need is the 3 items listed in the minimal home gym equipment - everything else is just add on! Also keep in mind, with more equipment, you can do more complex movements and keep things moving and changing more often! Now that you have the equipment, all you need is a LEAN-SANE workout plan, such as our 90 day lean plan or 6 week lean challenge! With our plans, you can continue to get lean while in quarantine!