About 20 teaspoons of sugar is what the average man is having a day! That is the equivalent to 3 cans of coke, 3 Mars bars, four packs of sour patch kids candy - EVERY SINGLE DAY! Looking at this fact, it's clear we are addicted to sugar. The good news is, today I'm going to tell you exactly how to BREAK that addiction! 

I am really excited about this one because well sugar is everywhere and more people than ever before on this planet Earth are addicted to it. Today we are gonna write those wrongs and I'm gonna show you exactly how to break your sugar addiction! Sugar has been proven to change our brain, it can change our brain just like a drug - it is equally as addictive as cocaine and heroin! What about the rest of our body?

Well weight gain, that's an obvious one because sugar is so easy to consume and access which means in a short period of time we can ingest a ton of calories while still craving more! Secondly our teeth, sugar is definitely not good for our them! It causes our teeth to decay! Thirdly sugar highs and lows do not keep you in happy spirits throughout the day, instead, sugar has actually been linked to depression! Fourthly sugar in your bloodstream actually acts like little shards of glass and ruins your delicate linings in your arteries which means it's gonna put you at a higher risk for strokes and heart attacks! Fifthly, if that is even a word, eating too much sugar increases the risk of you getting heart disease by up to 25 percent! Those are five big reasons why we need to cut down on the sugar not to mention the brain, don't forget about the brain! The brain is very important, we want a happy, healthy brain and I'm going to show you exactly how to cut the sugar intake to avoid any of these negative symptoms that sugar can cause!

Control your cravings

Step number one, controlling your cravings! How do we do this? With healthy, tasty, delicious foods! It's gotta be delicious and tasty but they also need to have the appropriate breakdown of protein and healthy fats! Firstly, fat is rich and helps you feel fuller for longer, it helps you feel more satiated and happier. Protein helps level out your blood sugar levels so that means after lunch you are not gonna be going into that cookie jar but instead you're gonna be feeling good, full and energized! Secondly, on that plate filled with proteins and healthy fats is leafy nutritious greens! Why leafy greens? These greens are filled with magnesium and magnesium has been proven to help reduce sugar cravings! Foods like the spicy Mexican chorizo cauliflower dish I made the other day are filled with nutrients, filled with fats, filled with protein and are so so delicious! If you don’t know where to start with these healthy and delicious meals, you gotta check out all of the recipes that I promote on my Youtube, blogs and Instagram. There are so many options out there, and of course, you need to start making these to enjoy your foods while hitting your macro breakdown and significantly reducing your sugar intake!

Healthy snacks

Step number two is… Drum roll… healthy snacks! And reducing sugary drink intake! Not only do we want to make healthy snacks we want to prep these in bulk that way whenever you get a little bit of sugar cravings, instead of going for the junk food aisle you're going to go into your meal prep! I am talking about yummy delicious protein energy balls filled with low sugar chocolate chippies, how does sound?! Sounds pretty good right?! Well those again are exactly the type of snacks that I recommend to all my Squadies! When you have these on hand you're gonna satisfy that sweet tooth, you're also going to get energized because they're filled with healthy fats, protein and just a hint of sweetness to satisfy that craving. Lastly on point number two is sugary drinks! Well obviously  things like Coke or sugary pops those are no-no packed filled with sugar, but what about things like apple juices or fruit smoothies or green juices? A lot of these have tons and tons of sugar you definitely need to again read the label understand once you see that sugar level getting up past 10-12 grams of sugar, you need to be weary you need to stay away and you need to cut those out of your life! Those are just tons of empty calories!


Tip number 3 for you cutting sugar, which is awareness! I want you to learn how to read labels similar to step number 2, when you are doing the grocery shop setting yourself up for an entire week of success, you need to avoid those sneaky, sneaky sneaky, sugars! Most companies try to put sugar in everything because they know you get addicted to it just like drugs! They want to give you a little taste because they you’ll want more and more, you keep coming back for more! You would be amazed at the amount of sugar that some of the foods have in them. Some have a ton of sugar, that if you didn’t know any better, would be eating without even realizing! Again a lot of these healthy companies that are packing their foods filled with sugar will sayl say low in fat to make it sound good, so you've got to be aware of this and make sure to check the label! 

Baby Steps 

all right I've got one little last tipy, when you are starting out on cutting out sugar, you do not want to go from zero to a hundred! Small little baby steps is key! If you cut sugar out entirely I guarantee you are going to start reaching for that junk food before you know it! However if you start making small little tangible steps and cutbacks each day, than each week, by the end of it,  you are not going to be addicted to sugar anymore! 

Chewing gum

Similarly, chewing gum in times of severe sugar cravings is a great way that has proven to reduce sugar intake! Remember this is a learning process, you do not want to worry about sugar all day, every day, that is not good for your mental health and it's also going to increase stress levels which means you're gonna increase cortisol levels, which means you are not going to have your body functioning and burning fat the way it should be!