How to Avoid the BIGGEST Runners Mistake & Become a Better Runner

One of the BIGGEST mistakes a runner can make is running TOO MUCH! I bet your thinking, how is that possible Phil?! Runners are supposed to run a lot! The reality is, even for runners, too much running can be counter intuitive and have negative effects on you. Today I will be explaining why running too much is a mistake and what you can incorporate into your training for superior running! I have also included a RUNNERS HOME WORKOUT below, be sure to check that out!

leansquad team at a marathon

Why you shouldn’t Run TOO MUCH!

There are various reasons why you shouldn’t run too much, the first being over training. Running too much is just like doing too much of anything else; eventually it will cause you to burnout which is definitely not what you want! Over training will also leave you more susceptible to injury. When running too often, the same muscles and joints are constantly being utilized. This leads to two major problems:

  1. Those muscles and joints that are heavily relied on for running become overworked. We need to give them a break!
  2. Heavily focusing on only one group of joints and muscles leaves the rest of our muscles and joints left out. This can cause a misproportion in muscle build and growth which can have negative effects on your running abilities. Much of the focus is put on your lower body, your upper body being neglected. It is important to have a balanced, strong body all around!  

How do Runners Prevent All of This?!

The answer is simple, in order to prevent overtraining and over working the joints and muscles used for running, we need to incorporate other exercises and workouts into our workout routine! This will help get the whole body moving and keep all our muscles and joints strong. The greatest benefit of adding diverse exercise routines into your fitness regime is it can help you run faster, longer and injury free!

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Enter… HIIT!

Now I bet your next question is: What kind of workouts should a runner be adding into their training routine?! The Answer is HIIT! For those of you who don’t know, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is typically known for its use in helping burn or metabolize fat faster and more effectively. HIIT training aims to keep the heart rate elevated throughout the workout. Overall, HIIT helps build muscle while also losing fat; it is typically a perfect mix of cardio and weightlifting.

Why HIIT for Runners?

As stated above, adding other fitness routines into your exercise regime will help all you runners out there run faster, longer and injury free. A fact about HIIT less commonly known is that it helps to improve your endurance, hence you can RUN LONGER. When you train at a high intensity, you are using your max effort. When training at max effort, you are training your body to work harder and longer with less recovery time needed, hence, INJURY FREE. Last but of course not least, HIIT training Increases explosiveness and speed, hence making you FASTER! 

I have created this HIIT workout SPECIFICALLY for all the runner squadies out there looking to get into the BEST shape for SUPERIOR RUNNING! This workout checks all the boxes! With spring right around the corner, let’s start getting LEAN with this at-home workout and get ready for running season!

Need some Encouragement?!

Now I bet your thinking, but Phil, how do I know this will ACTUALLY help me become a better runner?! Check out these quotes from squadies past and present who used their custom #90dayleanplan to help them get into their best shape for running: 

“After leansquad I started training for my 2nd marathon and ran it in October and shaved 43 minutes off my first marathon time. The fitness base that my 6 months of Leansquad gave me was incredible and definitely contributed to running a way better time!!”

- Kristen Sullivan
runner transformation

“I ran my first half marathon this past Sunday and I was super nervous going into it but I managed to knock it off the bucket list - I know that the sprint training introduced in your program really helped me! I’d like to continue doing a long run once a week to train for another one in October. Crazy what our bodies can do.”

- Brooke Padanyi

“I loved this phase of workouts - I skipped the Saturday ones to get my long runs in, but all the other days were challenging and it was nice having the faster pace to keep the body moving. I'm finding I have better endurance on my longer runs, both for cardiovascular and how my legs feel during them.”

- Megan Jennings
Runner transformation

“A huge thank you - this was an amazing program - I lost over 15 pounds, I increased my PR's on 1k, 5K, 10K, 10 miles and HM and it didn't feel like an effort!”   

- Jan Roggen

On that note, if you would like to learn more about the #90DayLeanPlan or #6WeekLeanChallenge and how LEANSQUAD can help you get into your best running shape CLICK HERE to learn more!