HABITS to Start BEFORE 2020!

WHY WAIT?! Today I will be talking about habits to start BEFORE 2020! Why before?! Well most people set the new year with super high expectations - you will start working on all your goals and dreams once that clock strikes 12! This sounds like a good idea right out of the gate - but the reality is that the success rate of the new year's resolutions is a whole 9.2%! Why is that?! There are a few reasons:

1. Time for Planning

January first comes right after a few of the busiest weeks of the year! Starting January first, we would need to be planning a few weeks in advance in order to implement any sort of lasting change in our lives. With Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years and any other celebrations you may have - there is little to no time to PLAN and focus on what really needs to be done in preparation. 

2. Life gets in the way

A LOT can happen between now and January 1st! One main reason we don’t reach our goals in January is because we WAIT! All waiting does is give life time to throw something in your way, a reason or an excuse to postpone! Whether something comes up or it’s our own thoughts that cause us to get derailed, waiting can be detrimental! Sometimes, we can get so caught up in our distractions that we can totally lose sight or forget about our goals all together. If you have a goal or a dream or ANYTHING at all that you want to accomplish, DO IT NOW! Don’t give life a chance to get in the way. 

3. Time FLIES! 

Between not having time to plan, and having things come up to derail us from our goals, all of a sudden, May comes along and you realize, hey its almost halfway through the year and you still didn’t get started on your new years resolution AHH! This has definetly happened to you or someone you know at least ONCE in your life! Let’s prevent this from happening again and get going now! 

Today I will be sharing with you a few of my habits to get started NOW before 2020 to help you KICK OFF the new year the right way! 

1. Clean up!

You have probably heard this before, your surroundings can have an effect on your thoughts! If you are living in a space that is either messy, cluttered, or filled with things that aren’t going to contribute to a healthier you - than your thoughts and success will reflect that. There are a couple key areas that are especially important to clean up. First is definitely the places were you spend the most time which will most likely be your room and your workspace. Your room is somewhere you spend your first and last waking moments. Waking up and going to bed to a clean space can help you feel better, sleep better and have clearer thoughts overall. Your office or workspace wherever that may be is where you probably spend a huge chunk of your time. Having a messy or cluttered space can aid distractions, not only from your work but from your goals. 

The last place you must CLEAN OUT is your cupboards! Are you trying to live a healthier life?! Let’s go through those cupboards now, throw out any junk food or anything that could tempt you to go back to your old ways or habits. Once you have cleaned these cupboards out try NOT to fill them right back up with treats in a moment of weakness. This includes leftovers! Either buying or taking home unneeded treats can cause you to eat more junk foods or unneeded foods you are trying to stay away from!

2. Wake up Early!

We all have these goals and habits we want to get into in 2020. Setting goals and creating new habits will most likely mean you have to add something into your routine - a great way to ensure you have TIME to fit these new habits into your routine is by waking up early! Assess your morning routine, what can you eliminate? What can you shorten? What do you need to add? How much more time will you need for this?! Based on this, decide what time you will need to wake up to be able to implement these things into your daily schedule! For example, if you want to start losing weight or getting into shape, set some time aside in the morning to hit the gym and GET LEAN! 

Working out in the morning is a great habit to get into. If we reserve time later on in the day to workout, it gives life a chance to get in the way, either something comes up, or you can simply just be too tired! If we have a workout in the morning, there is less of a chance of something coming up and getting in the way of our workout.

To wake up early, we must make sure that we are going to bed earlier. There are many ways you can go about this, but some of my main tips are to have LESS screen time at night, and spend more time relaxing or reading. To find out more about sleep and how to get a better one check out my whole blog post dec=dedicated to sleep! 

3. Practice Persistence

The average person has the attention span of 8 seconds… 8 SECONDS! We live in a time where more often than not, we want to see what we want in an instant! Unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to setting new goals and practicing new habits! You need to understand that you are going to need to be PERSISTENT in this journey! Nothing happens right away, and we are only human, sometimes things will happen and you may take a few steps back, or you may not be seeing results as fast as you would like to. Practice PERSISTENCE for the rest of 2019, if you mess up or take a wrong turn, don’t overthink it or get down on yourself, just remember to be persistent, and when 2020 hits, you’ll be that much closer to your goals already! Just keep reminding yourself your WHY, why you decided to start this new habit or start this new journey in the first place to help propel you through any moments where you may feel like giving up.

4. Drink more WATER!

This is a tip I mention ALL THE TIME and I cannot express how IMPORTANT this is! Drinking more water will give you more energy and make you feel great! It is a small and simple habit to get into and it will have major benefits to your overall health! Now that you have time to focus on yourself before 2020 hits, drinking water is a super simple way to help boost your health and energy so you go into 2020 feeling great!

During the holidays, we tend to eat a ton of salty foods which can leave our bodies dehydrated. Drinking lots of water can prevent you from getting dehydrated. 

5. Start working on your new habits NOW!

I have been stressing this all throughout this post, but it is super important to get on your habits now and start taking steps towards these new goals and habits now! Sometimes, waiting and putting so many expectations on the new years can cause you to become overwhelmed or get super down on yourself if your goals and habits don’t work out the way you want them to. By starting now, you are giving yourself a head start so when you do enter into the new year, you have part of your path carved and can start 2020 on a good note! 

A great way to do this is with a CHALLENGE! Whether it is a wellness challenge, a vegan challenge, or a fitness challenge, giving yourself a nice challenge to keep you going and focused until 2020 can do wonders!  That is why I have created the #6weekleanchallenge! This challenge was built to helpy YOU get on track, feeling good, get into a great routine physically, nutritionally and mentally before 2020 hits! Find out more about the challenge here! 

That is all Squadies! I hope you all can take something from this and start implementing great new goals and habits NOW in preparation for a LEANMAZING NEW YEAR!