Get Inspired & Motivated: Words of Wisdom from Squadie, to Squadie

Happy Monday Squadies!

Sometimes we all need a little bit of motivation! Especially on a Monday in the middle of winter! Today’s blog is all about staying motivated and inspired! At LEANSQUAD, we believe that one of the BEST forms of inspiration comes from the people around you. The people who have been through or are currently going through the ups and downs of their fitness and nutrition journey.

The LEANSQUAD community is an awesome place to find some inspiration and motivation. We have Squadies from all over the world, from all different journeys. Some were complete beginners, some were looking to level up their fitness and nutrition game, and some were looking to get back on the saddle after months or years of unhealthy eating habits or little to no physical activity. Some Squadies are moms, dads or grandparents, some are working professionals or students, you name it - we have Squadie who will resonate with you. The one thing all these squadies have in common? They made a commitment to themselves and their health. Many Squadies are eager to share their stories to hopefully help inspire others to KEEP GOING if they feel like they have hit a plateau, or to help motivate people to START their lean journey. 

Biggest Success?!

As many of you may know, we have an initiative called SQUADIE of the MONTH where we take the time to highlight some awesome people who are a part of the LEANSQUAD community. We asked them to share their biggest success since becoming a Squadie, and here are some of their inspiring answers: 

Fitness transformation after 4 months
JJ Keogan 4 Month Transformation

“Getting back to the old me I had lost for a while. I had never thought I would be able to be in this good of shape but the mental health aspect was beyond the biggest success I’ve taken. That and getting a lot better/faster at cooking!” - J.J. Keogan

“Mental health- this program helped boost energy, get my lifestyle back on track, and cope with stress.” - Emily Johnson

“LEANSQUAD has been life changing for me. I have felt uncomfortable in my skin for so long, and never more so than after having my son 9 months ago. I always wanted to feel strong and healthy and energetic, but something was always holding me back. I never thought I would be able to stick with a program that would help me to feel great in my body, but LEANSQUAD changed that for me. I am most proud of myself for committing and seeing such great results, not just physically, but also mentally. I have energy and feel strong. I am proud of this body that could not only make a baby, but now feel and look better than I ever have.” - Molly Dorran

“I was able to lose weight that I wanted to while also becoming leaner and more toned, without being inhibited by old knee injuries which had been preventing me from getting back into working out regularly. I had previously been extremely fit and diligent in the gym when I was still playing rugby. After I stopped playing, dealt with some injuries, and was making other things a priority, I stopped working out and going to the gym which had been a big part of my life. Lean Squad allowed me to find my love for fitness and working out again and was exactly what I needed to get back to feeling like myself both physically and mentally.” - Leah Conforti

Fat Loss Fitness Transformation
Sammy Cradell's Transformation

“I’m really proud of myself for my commitment to adapting a healthier lifestyle. Day to day, I choose healthy options while still maintaining a balance, developing a healthy relationship to food and exercise. I feel so much more knowledgeable about the choices and habits I make! I am in better shape than I when I played international rugby and, most importantly, feeling really good about myself!” - Sammy Crandell 


We also asked our Squadie of the month to share their top tip to all the squadies out there, here are some of the tips they would like to share:

2 month fitness transformation
Eli Harris 2 Month Transformation

“Don’t get down on yourself or worry about having a few whoopsies here and there. Hit the lean reset button by intermittent fasting and doing HIIT workouts and you will be right back on track.” - Eli Harris

“Don’t feel like you need to know everything at once, if the workouts seem overwhelming break them down, I watch the video links on my desktop before I go down to the gym. And if I cant have access to the right equipment I improvise. I found it really overwhelming at the start, but take your time with each element and then fit it into YOUR life, and eventually, it will take over and become your new normal.” - Harry Johns

Fitness transformation
Jenny Stranges Transformation

“So cheesy, but if you “fail to plan, plan to fail!” I think most of my success on the program has been a result of being fully invested in the plan and committed to having a leaner, healthier life.” - Jenny Stranges 

“Set yourself up for success by ensuring you have meals prepped, a plan on when to eat your meals, plan your workout times, and make a commitment to execute your plan.” - Rob Dorran

“Just get in to the gym and get it done. You’ll never regret it, you’ll always feel better.” - Emily Johnson

“Don’t get discouraged by a day, weekend or WEEK of Whoopsies just get back on the Lean-train. This is meant to be a lifestyle not a fad diet.  Don’t get discouraged!” - Jessica Miles Bell

Need a Little Push to get Going?

For those of you looking to take the plunge into your health and fitness journey or for those of you at the beginning of your lean journey, we asked our squadie’s of the month what they would say to someone thinking about starting/just starting their journey, here’s what they had to say: 

Fat loss transformation after 2 months
Alysha Blazevic after 2 months

“DO IT! Start right now! No regrets! For me it was important to make this a lifestyle and not another “fad diet”. Having a busy Nov & Dec with travel, weddings to attend, both my kids birthday’s, parties and all the holiday festivities. I allow myself the whoopsie’s and it just makes me work harder the next day, it’s all about balance and making sure you get right back on track.  I didn’t want to wait until the New Year for it to be my New Years resolution.” - Alysha Blazevic

“You will surprise yourself with how fast the results come. Just stick to the plan & have fun!” - Keith Browning 

“You have all the power to change and improve yourself. Start with little changes and challenges. Exercise your mind and body to be healthier. Take time to care for yourself and understand that changes do not happen overnight.” - Kim Phan

Fat loss transformation
Jennifer Smart After 3 Months

“You have to be prepared to put in the work; as great as Phil is he can’t do it for you. That said, there is SO much support from Phil and the community, and some really inspiring stories that can help to keep you motivated. There is absolutely ZERO judgement or negativity in this community. You have got this, and we (your fellow squadies) will help lift you when you need it. Also, if you fall off the lean wagon, DO NOT FEEL BAD and don’t let that it derail you for good. We are all human and we all have (and love) our whoopsies! The important thing is to get back on that wagon! The physical transformation is leanmazing, but benefits to your overall health and wellbeing are nothing short of spectacular IMO. YOU’VE GOT THIS!!” - Jennifer Smart

The LEANSQUAD is FULL of so many more lean-mazing Squadies who are ready to help motivate and encourage each other throughout their lean journey. I hope these words of encouragement give you what you need to pick back up or get started on your lean journey! Find out more about LEANSQUAD, our community, and how we can help get YOU feeling your best, click HERE!