February Squadie of the Month!

Happy February Squadies! It is time to announce our SUPER SQUADIE OF THE MONTH!

This super squadie is dedicated, motivated, and ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING IT! This squadie is:


Johnny became part of the squad at the end of December and has been an inspiring part of the Leansquad ever since! He is always asking questions to make sure he is staying on track and making the most out of the leanness! Since becoming a Squadie, Johnny has always pushed himself past his limits by using his #6WeekChallenge to hold him accountable. He is always eager to update the squad with his latest success and continues to push himself to succeed even more!

Johnny used his shear dedication and motivation to get him through his first 6 weeks with leansane results! Even through events and functions, he stayed strong and reminded himself of his goals! He decided that seeing the results he wanted was more important then the whoopsies and let this frame of thought push him through the moments of temptation!

6 weeks later, johnny is feeling leanmazing! With more energy, less snacking, and lean meals prepped and ready to go, johnny is ready to continue with the lean life and take on whatever challenge comes next! A big thank you to Johnny for being such a motivating part of the squad for the last 6 weeks! Excited to see what you will achieve next!

Read more about his LEAN JOURNEY BELOW and watch his video:


Q1-Q4: Name, age, hometown, occupation

Name: Johnny Nugent

Age: 30

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Occupation: Account Manager Sales

Q5: When did you join LEANSQUAD?

December 29th, 2019

Q6: Which phase are your currently on?

Finished Week 6 Challenge!

Q7: What’s your biggest success as a part of the LEANSQUAD?

Proving to myself that I could do it in the first place! Seeing the amazing results that I achieved from challenging myself to not drink and stick to a specific meal and workout plan for 6 weeks! Didn't cheat once, dropped 13lbs (180lbs to 167lbs).

Q8: What’s your favourite LEAN Meal?

Leantalian Chicken!

Q9: What’s your favourite Whoopsie?

Pasta, Pizza, Wine, or all 3!

Q10: What’s your number 1 LEANSQUAD tip to share?

Pick a specific starting point for your program where you think you can stick to it. I started in January, knowing I wouldn't be tempted to  go out very much and have any whoopsies. My tip would be to stick to the plan!  You will only see real results if you are strict with yourself. There will be temptations, but the end result is well worth it!

Q11: What would you say to someone who is about to start their #6weekleanchallege?

It's only 6 weeks, you've invested money into this program, see what results you can achieve if you are really strict with yourself. Pre-plan all your meals for the week so you don't run out  of food and get tempted to buy fast food! 

Q12: What’s your favourite LEAN restaurant to eat out at?

Other than my kitchen, Fresh is very good OR Impact Kitchen

6 week transformation photos
Johnny's 6 week transformation!

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