Happy December Squadies! It’s time to announce our Super Squadie of the month!

For the month of December, our Super Squadie is the LEAN-MAZING:


Harry got started on the #90DAYLEANPLAN in October 2019! Since the beginning, Harry dove straight into his plan, giving it everything he's got! He has dedicated himself to making a positive change in his life, and is constantly checking in, asking questions, and making sure he is on the right path!

He has had such a positive attitude throughout the past 2 months, taking on every challenge that comes his way. He continues to move forward, always looking on the bright side. Nothing will stop him from reaching his goals! He has been such a motivational member of the squad since the beginning. Thank you for being such an inspiration Harry! I know you will continue to CRUSH through phase 3 and beyond! I am SUPER PROUD of your transformation so far and can't wait to see what else you can accomplish!

Read more about his LEAN JOURNEY BELOW and watch his video:

Q1-Q4: Name, age, hometown, occupation

Name: Harry Johns

Age: 26

Hometown: Sydney

Occupation: Client Development Manager

Q5: When did you join LEANSQUAD?

October 2019

Q6: Which phase are your currently on?

Phase 3!

Q7: What’s your biggest success as a part of the LEANSQUAD?

It has changed how I interact with food, exercise and my attitude towards living

Q8: What’s your favourite LEAN Meal?

Salmon Burger or Chicken Curry with Brown Rice

Q9: What’s your favourite Whoopsie?


Q10: What’s your number 1 LEANSQUAD tip to share?

Don’t feel like you need to know everything at once, if the workouts seem overwhelming break them down, I watch the video links on my desktop before I go down to the gym. And if I cant have access to the right equipment I improvise. I found it really overwhelming at the start, but take your time with each element and then fit it into YOUR life, and eventually, it will take over and become your new normal.

Q11: What would you say to someone who is about to start their lean journey?

Be patient, take your time, cook 3 meals on a Sunday and 3 ona Wednesday in big batches and just have some good tupawear. Find thetime to work for you, and everything will be great.

Q12: What’s your favourite LEAN restaurant to eat out at?

My local Turkish place, I can get a big plate of veg, some protein and a fresh chilly paste

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