Sept 16th - Sept 20th

CALLING ALL TEACHERS, SCHOOLS, AND PARENTS ??‍♂️??‍♀️ I am on a mission to change the lives of 1,000's of students across the country this September and I need YOUR HELP TO SPREAD THE WORD! If you are a teacher or know of any teachers or contacts at schools ANYWHERE across North America, PLEASE, PLEASE, get in touch with me at Info@lean-squad.com

Similarly, ANYONE and EVERYONE can join in on the #BackToLean campaign (you don’t have to officially get in touch with me). All you have to do is participate in the LIVE WORKOUTS I will be sharing on my YouTube channel every day for 5 days...starting September 16th!! 

P.S. every workout is LESS than 30 minutes and will be suitable for kids of ALL AGES!!!

The goal is simple… to make exercise and eating healthy FUN and ENJOYABLE for students. That way, the leanness will last a lifetime!!!!

Let’s get students healthier, fitter and more confident together! And remember to share this with anyone you think may be interested!


Firstly, how do we go about this and what do you need to participe? 

  • The #BackToLean campaign will span a total of 5 days. Starting on September 16th and finishing on September 20th. 
  • Each day I will LIVE STREAM 1 workout, which will be NO LONGER than 30 minutes. It will also be suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 
  • Currently, I have loosely scheduled to LIVE STREAM the workouts at 2pm eastern time (1PM CST, 12PM MST, and 11 AM PST) 
  • I will share the YouTube Live link with you 48hrs before hand so you can prepare for the session!
  • I will also send an outline of the exercises in order for you to understand the days workout. 
  • 1 week prior to the launch of the campaign, I will send resources, recipes, and information for you to distribute to students, teachers and parents!

Do you have to do each workout LIVE? 

  • NO. You do not have to participate in the LIVE workout. You will have access to the workout DURING and AFTER filming. 
  • HOWEVER, remember the goal of this MISSION is to raise awareness, so the more classes and students we can get participating in the LIVE workouts the better!!!

What happens if your students wear uniforms? Is it just for gym classes?

  • That is OK. This mission is to promote MOVEMENT. Not super intense, brutal exercise. So if the only time you have available to join in is in the middle of History Class then that is totally fine. Like I said, promoting movement and making exercise FUN is our main objective and I believe students will get very excited at the possibility of a mid class workout!

How will we measure the success of the #BackToLean campaign? 

  • After each workout, I would greatly appreciate if all schools and teachers could track their details, including number of students who participated, and school name! The more the better!

Will you best visiting any schools? 

  • YES! If you get in touch with me you commit, you will be considered a potential school for me to visit! 

What are our main GOALS?

  1. To help change students, teachers, and parents attitudes towards exercise and healthy eating!
  2. Raise awareness and create national awareness
  3. Support schools and students with the knowledge, tools and resources to continue the mission.