ANNOUNCING: The NEW 6-Week Challenge!

I am so excited to announce the first-ever FULL follow along 6-Week Lean challenge Program! From the moment you sign up, we will embark on a journey TOGETHER to transform our bodies, burn fat, lose weight, get more toned & sculpted, and most importantly feel more confident and energized than ever before.   What makes this challenge even better is the fact that we can do it all from HOME in just 30 minutes!!! 

Is the 6 Week Lean Challenge Right For Me?

This is a progressive workout plan designed by me, for you! I have broken it down into 2 progressive 3-week phases to optimize results unlike ever before. For anyone looking to completely transform your body, get lean, toned, and stronger, this is the plan for you!   
Time Constrained? Don't want to go to the Gym? Not seeing the results you want?
Then this plan is what you need! The workouts are ONLY 30 MINUTES long! They are short yet effective! Using a combination of bodyweight and dumbbell exercises, this challenge will keep the body BURNING all throughout the challenge.   In need of some support? We got you covered! When you sign up for the 6-week challenge, you also get access to an AMAZING, SUPPORTIVE, LEAN COMMUNITY! All these squadies are on the journey with you, doing the workouts with you from all around the world. There will be no lack of motivation there!   

What Are The Workouts Like? 

Why not see for yourself?! Here is a demo of a “FULL BODY LEANIGNITION”   The workouts are ONLY 30 minutes and will completely transform the way you see working out from home forever. Each day will have a special focus -- Lean Legs, LEANIFIED Arms & AB’s, Core-Ardio, and FULL BODY (like above). No two workouts will be the same to ensure that we always keep your body guessing so you NEVER PLATEAU or get bored.  There are also TWO REST & LEANCOVERY (recovery) sessions per week. These aid the recovery process (so you are ready to take your body to new lean levels) while also improving your flexibility, mobility, and energy levels.   As mentioned earlier, this program is PROGRESSIVE. Each day & each week will bring new challenges, gradually getting more challenging as you move forward. This will ensure you are continually keeping the body guessing and FEELING better, physically, and mentally, throughout the 6-week challenge.     

What Do I Need?

All you’ll need for this challenge is a few sets of DUMBBELLS and a GLUTEBAND (on sale soon!) for the optional finishers!  I highly recommend investing in at least a (1) light, (2) medium, and (3) heavier set of dumbbells (i.e. 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs). It’s all about picking a weight that is hard for YOU because that way it will be LEAN FOR YOU!  The heaviest set of Dumbbells that I will be using will be between 35-45lbs, with the lightest weights around 10 lbs! The more variety you have, the better, but 2-3 sets of dumbbell will be just fine! *P.S. Throughout the 6-week challenge we will be working every single body part, using a combination of high tempo and lower tempo exercises. The more variety in dumbbells the better!  Try the example workout to get a feel as to what kinds of dumbbells will challenge you throughout the 6-week challenge!* 

What Do You Get When You Sign Up? 

5x FOLLOW ALONG 30 min workouts per week! *I sweat, motivate and coach you through every single session* 2x FOLLOW ALONG 15 MIN LEANCOVERY Sessions per week designed to enhance recovery, flexibility & mobility.  10x LEAN DB & GLUTE BAND FINISHERS specifically designed to target, tone, sculpt, leanify and strengthen your arms, butt, thighs, back, shoulders, and abs unlike ever before!  RECIPE GUIDE filled with 10 leanmazing recipes to show you exactly how to fuel your body and still achieve incredible results *p.s. Anyone who signs up also gets access to custom-tailored meal plans for 50% off* PRIVATE TEXT SUPPORT & COMMUNITY to hold you more accountable and keep you more motivated than ever before.  




for the SEPTEMBER 7th start date!