7 Minute Morning Workout no Equipment Required

One of the BEST ways to stay motivated, high energy, and FEELING GOOD throughout quarantine is with a solid workout routine. Having to workout at home, you may not have a ton of space or equipment to do workouts you may have typically done at the gym before quarantine. Fortunately, I GOT YOU COVERED! There are actually a TON of leanmazing workouts you can do right from your home, no equipment and little space needed! Today I will be sharing with you a leansane 7 MINUTE morning workout, no equipment required! 

Why Workout in the morning?

How you get your day started plays a huge part in your overall mood and energy levels for the rest of the day. It plays a role in the choices you make, how you interact, how you FEEL. Working out in the morning KICK STARTS your day! How?! First off, you are giving your body a nice dose of endorphins. One of endorphins main purposes in your body is to reduce pain and BOOST pleasure. Basically, when endorphins are released in our bodies they make us FEEL GOOD! In turn, this can help reduce stress levels, anxiety and depression. It can also help you make healthier choices throughout the rest of your day since you are feeling so AWESOME! 7 minute morning workoutThis 7 minute morning workout no equipment required, is perfect to help you start feeling your best during quarantine! Another benefit of working out is the metabolism boost it gives you. Getting this great boost for your metabolism first thing in the morning will help you feel great physically throughout the day! Your body will be burning all day long! Overall, working out in the morning has major benefits to your overall mood and motivation throughout the day!   Getting into a daily morning workout routine can be super beneficial to your overall mood and energy levels throughout quarantine! Being stuck at home can be hard, with a good workout in the morning, you can give yourself the boost you need to help make our time in quarantine more enjoyable and manageable! Along with this 7 minute workout, I also have a 7 day ab challenge and 7 day quaran-lean challenge you can do right from home! Stay accountable with our 30 Day Quaran-lean challenge which began this past monday! Sign up today for 30 days of workouts and tasty recipes!   

No Equipment Required!

no equipment requiredOnce we get into a gym routine, always using equipment, working out without any equipment can seem odd. The truth is, you can get JUST as GOOD of a workout without any equipment! As long as you are keeping the heart rate up, pushing yourself, and taking your time at first to learn the exercises you can have a leansane workout!    If you do not have a ton of space to workout, NO PROBLEM! This workout requires very little space, it is perfect for small apartments! All you need is enough space for the length of your body! That’s it!   This workout is only 7 minutes long! For anyone who is keeping busy with at home work and/or kids, all you gotta do is wake up a little bit earlier than usual and get this quick and effective workout done! I also have a TON of great workout videos on my youtube channel that you can do from home!