Join me for the FREE 7 DAY QUARAN-LEAN CHALLENGE right from your living room, tiny apartment, or bedroom! All you are going to need is your body weight, some commitment, and a whole lot of enthusiasm! My mission since day one has been to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE as many people as possible and during this difficult & stressful time, I feel more obligated than ever before. Which is why I have put together 7 BRAND NEW BODY WEIGHT ONLY HOME WORKOUTS that you can challenge yourself to do for 7 days straight, alongside me!!! I truly believe this CHALLENGE will help us overcome this difficult time together!! We will become more positive, more energized, and most importantly, improve our MENTAL & PHYSICAL HEALTH while we self isolate and do our part to stop the spread of coronavirus. We are going to turn this bad situation into a positive one... together!!!! So how does it all work? Read below!!

The Challenge?!

I want to challenge YOU to complete 7 workouts in 7 days! All you need is yourself and a TINY amount for of space; no equipment needed!

How Does it Work?

Every day starting  Saturday March 21st I will be posting a BRAND NEW 20  minute body weight workout on my YouTube Channel. Commit to tuning in everyday at ANY TIME and do the workout with me! You can do it ANYWHERE - so bring yourself, no equipment and no excuses! All that matters is that you get it DONE!


In a time filled with much uncertainty and stress, I think it is more important then ever to put some focus on our mental and physical health! One of the BEST ways to do this is through exercise! In just 20 minutes we can become more positive, energized, happier and healthier - we can transform our WHOLE WELLBEING!  I want you to get EXCITED & MOTIVATED by this Quarantine Challenge. We are going to turn this negative situation into a truly positive one! Lastly... PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY. Each of us has the unique ability to inspire those around us and by sharing, posting and spreading the word, we can come together and really overcome this pandemic together!!