#6WeekChallenge Announcement!

HAPPY Wednesday Squadies! 

There are less the 60 DAYS LEFT IN 2019! That is why today I am super excited to announce our new #6WeekLeanChallenge! This 6 week challenge is designed to help you get LEAN & FEELING good in only 6 weeks! 


With this new #6WeekLeanChallenge, you will receive: 

  • A total of 40 RECIPES built by a certified nutritionist, throughout your 6 week challenge 
    • Choose between either a "Meat Eater" or "Vegan and Vegetarian meal plan
    • All meal plans will have PRE-CALCULATED Macronutrients and Portion sizes for YOU!
  • 2 phases of workouts, each containing 5 progressive workouts per week
    • Demonstrations for each exercises
  • Online and instant messaging support with the LEAN TEAM

All this for only $249 CAD! CLICK HERE to learn more!

**If you have specific intolerances, dietary restrictions, food aversions, check out the CUSTOM #90DayLeanPlan

Why now?! 

I know what you are probably thinking, 

“But Phil, I’m waiting for the new year, because it will be a brand new year, so I’ll start with the NEW ME!” 

The reality is, there is never a perfect time, so why wait?! By then, there will be another obstacle, another reason to postpone your lean journey, and each time, it will get harder for you to TAKE THAT PLUNGE and invest in yourself and your health! 

Starting your journey now will help you start 2020 on a great note! Do you want to enter into 2020 feeling lethargic, unmotivated and unconfident? Or would you rather enter 2020 feeling LEAN, HAPPY, and ENERGIZED? 

Well how about the holiday season?! 

With Christmas around the corner, there will be tons of parties, work events, and family gatherings you may have to attend to celebrate the holiday season! I want you to ENJOY yourself at these parties, feel confident and most importantly have your guilt free whoopsies. At LEANSQUAD, your meal plan, workout plan and all the tips and tricks I share with our community throughout your journey, will help TEACH you how to live a healthy and SUSTAINABLE life! 

This is not a crash diet, cleanse, or fad, this is a LIFESTYLE! This means you can walk into those parties feeling great about yourself, physically and mentally, enjoy some treats, and still leave feeling leanmazing! 

Just ask our Squadie Community!

We have a ton of Squadie success stories; Not only do they LOOK better physically, but they FEEL better, physically AND mentally! You can check out my instagram page for some leanspirational stories and transformations! You can also check out some of our Squadie of the Month stories on my youtube channel! 

The LEANSQUAD community is a positive environment where you can interact with the LEAN TEAM and other squadies -- share your stories and overall, help each other while helping ourselves live a happier, healthier and leaner life! 

Join us now and get yourself feeling LEANER, HEALTHIER and HAPPIER before the end of 2019! Why wait?! LET’S GET LEAN!