5 Minute Warm-Up | Why Warm-Ups are Important!

Happy Tuesday squadies! When talking about fitness and workout routines, one thing that is super important to add into your routine is warming up! Adding a warm-up routine to your workout is very simple and takes very little time! All you need is 5 extra minutes and your body will thank you!

Where can I find a good warm up routine?!

You are in luck! Because today I am sharing with you a LEANSANE warm-up routine! This warm-up is dynamic and will only take you 5 minutes! That’s it - and you’ll be on your way to a great workout!   

What is a warm-up?

A warm up generally involves workouts that start to get your heart rate elevated and begin to get your body into workout mode! These workouts will help get the blood pumping through your body and get you ready for the workout ahead. A warm up shouldn’t leave you fatigued, but should be dynamic and should target the muscles you are planning on working out that 5 minute warm-upsession. It of course should be done right before your workout and typically takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes to complete.

How do you warm-up?

The exercises you choose to do for your warm up are actually super important. Doing the wrong kinds of exercises can be counterintuitive, and can even bring more risk of injury throughout your workout! Now I bet you're wondering which exercises should I do and which should I avoid? The exercises you want to stay away from are STATIC ones. Static usually means exercises where you are holding a position or extending your muscles for a specific amount of time. Doing these types of exercises before your workout can negatively impact your performance and can bring on more risk of injury!   The type of workouts you want to be doing during your warm-up is DYNAMIC exercises. Dynamic movements involve joint movement and you are going through a full range of motion. You are not statically holding a pose, rather, you are doing an exercise that involves movements. A dynamic warm up is key yo a great workout! It primes your muscles for optimal performance and helps to elevate your heart rate and get you burning calories right out of the gate!

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