5 Minute Stretch and Recovery Routine!

Happy Tuesday Squadies! Today I will be sharing a leanmazing post workout, 5 minute stretch and recovery routine! After a tough workout it is SO important for us to stretch our bodies and give it the chance to recover.  
Before we get into the stretch routine…

Why is Leancovery important anyway?! 

Along with a few full leancovery sessions a week, adding a quick post-workout stretch routine to your routine can make a world of difference! Stretching can help your body recover FASTER so you can continue to perform at your best each and every day!    When do stretch and leancovery workouts, not only are our bodies recovering faster, but we can start seeing the results we want to see faster!   A good recovery routine can also help boost your mood and energy levels. With just a quick 5 minute routine, you can start feeling your best and set yourself up for lean success!

What kind of stretches should be incorporated?

When doing a post-workout stretch and recovery routine, the exercises you do should be STATIC! Static usually means exercises where you are holding a position or extending your muscles for a specific amount of time.    Doing static stretches after your workout can really help give your muscles the release they need after a tough workout!  
Now that you have the perfect leancovery workout, what kind of workouts should you do BEFORE this leancovery?! 
  My FAVOURITE kind of workouts are high intensity and combine a good amount of both cardio and strength training! SO many of my squadies have seen success with this type of workout!    One of the BEST things about HIIT workouts is that they are EFFECTIVE and QUICK! All you need is a short 30 minutes a day to get in a great workout!   

Where Can I find these workouts?!

LEANSQUAD has leansane programs that will give you access to quick and effective HIIT workouts!  
Which one is right for you?
This challenge is the first FOLLOW ALONG PROGRESSIVE 6 WEEK PLAN I've ever launched USING DUMBBELLS! How does it work?! Using a combination of dumbbells and bodyweight training right from our homes, we can take the leanness to a whole new level!    The challenge will be broken down into 2 3 week phases! Each day, you will receive a 30-minute dumbbell workout and I, Phil Mackenzie will be doing all the workouts alongside you! Along with the dumbbell workout, you will also have access to optional resistance band workouts!  
Find out more about the 6-week lean challenge HERE
30-day challenge
The 30-day challenge is similar to the 6-week lean challenge. You will receive 30 minute follow along workouts every day, but you DO NOT need any equipment! All you need is yourself and a yoga mat!    Along with the 30-minute workouts, you will also receive optional dumbbell workouts!   
Find out more about the 30-day challenge HERE!