4 ‘UNHEALTHY’ Healthy Foods!

This topic has been weighing me down - no pun intended, for a long time and that is these “healthy foods” that are not actually healthy foods yet they are marketed as healthy. Today I am going to tell you about four of the healthiest foods out there that are actually unhealthy for us! These foods are not helping your weight loss or your overall well-being! You are never gonna want to have these again after the truth is out! 

I'm really excited to share these with you because the matter of fact is they just aren't healthy, they are not good for us, we have been misinformed by these companies and by the media. We're gonna put an end to it right now! 



The number one food that is marketed as healthy but in reality is extremely unhealthy is green juice! This green juice called green machine by Naked, I am sure you've heard of it massive company, are not healthy at all! We're gonna get rid of it! Another juice by this company  is its counterpart the fruit smoothie, one of the flavours, the mighty mango sounds healthy and lean but the reality is, these are terrible for us! I'm going to tell you why, they are filled with sugar so much so that this mighty mango right here this healthy fruit smoothie has more sugar than a large bottle of Coca Cola! That is insane! You think you are starting your day off on a healthy note and decide, I'm gonna have one of these Naked healthy smoothies the reality is you may as well start your day with a large can of coca-cola! I know what you're thinking, well Phil it's fruit it's healthy, it's good for us! The reality is, sugar is sugar! When you're having that much sugar, it is not healthy for anyone, it is not good for your energy levels, it is not healthy for your weight-loss journey, and it is overall not good for your brain because sugar is addictive and that is why they pack these green juices fruit smoothies with so much sugar!

They want you feeling satisfied, they want you coming back for more because sugar again is so addictive your brain starts bubbling, it gets excited and it wants another smoothie day after day and you are going to start piling on weight! You're also going to see a huge significant decrease in your energy levels, that is because your blood sugar level is gonna spike and then you're gonna come right down because of all that sugar. That is why I stay so far away from these juices! Don't feel bad if you drink these juices, I used to drink these too until I started understanding the reality of the situation. These are no longer ever something I will have but there is good news, not all green juices are bad! it's just about understanding what to look for in a healthy green juice. I just bought a great green juice from the local store around the corner, it is actually a green juice! You can see by looking at the label, especially  the sugar content. The one I purchased is under 10 grams and it also has all the ingredients listed on there so I make sure I always check the ingredient list to see that there's no apples, there's no pears, there's no mangoes, there are no super sugary fruits. Instead, I look for tons and tons of green leafy veg in that green juice, yes it won't taste sweet but it is so good for you! The whole idea of a green healthy juice is to make a healthy choice and get a decent serving of veg the easy way! You can just get it in you and get tons and tons of nutrients in one green drink! You will be providing your body the best chance to be successful on your weight-loss journey! 


Product number two has been equally weighing me down, and this food is granola! It is not healthy! Why?! I'm gonna tell you right now, it is PACKED with carbohydrates which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is when the majority of that carb content is coming from sugar! It is super high in calories, just a little bit of granola can add up to an extra 200 to 300 calories in your breakfast! To make matters worse, there's very very little nutrients in that! That is not good for us! It's all about ensuring that those calories we choose to eat are going to benefit our body. We want nutritious, healthy, fuelling and energizing calories that are going to allow us to smash our day! Instead granola just adds a whole bunch of unneeded calories into our diet which is not good for us. That is something that needs to be taken out of your breakfast routine!


Granola brings me to my next unhealthy healthy food, number three YOGURT! This is a huge pet peeve of mine, it goes along great with granola, I'm told. Yogurt - the one I bought in particular, actually made me angry in the story, it is marketed as “high in protein” so anyone walking by would say, oh you know what? This is going to be good for me I'm gonna get my protein in, I'm gonna feel great, I'm gonna start my day smashing it, well just one little tub has 100 calories, 13 grams of carbs, 10 of which are from sugar! You are probably gonna have 2-3 of the small cups at least, 300 calories right there, then you're topping it with granola! You are already at a 400 - 600 calorie breakfast, just at the beginning of your day! You've already had enough sugar for an average person's diet just in the beginning of your day! If you make matters even worse unknowingly, add a Naked smoothie or a green juice to the mix, now you're just off the sugar level charts! That is going to be a huge reason why you are not feeling as good as you should be feeling and not succeeding on your weight journey.


The last healthy but unhealthy food out there, this one specifically, as a former professional athlete really irks me. It is not anyone's fault at all for thinking this one's healthy it is marketed as one of the best drinks for anyone out there and that is Gatorade! Yes the drink with the magical electrolytes is also filled with sugar! We are told is for everyone, now the reality is that Gatorade was made for very intense high level athletes who were doing bouts of exercise for over an hour at a time! Now, the vast majority of us do not do intense exercise for over an hour, so for the average person, Gatorade is  just a glorified can of coca-cola! That is what the sugar content is equivalent to! Yes they have some electrolytes but again the intensity in our exercise is not high enough to justify drinking one of these. If you are training for a marathon or you're training really intense for over an hour, go ahead have some Gatorade! Even in these cases make sure you're not having a ton because again it is filled with sugar! However, you want to get those electrolytes in but if you're like me and the vast majority, you should avoid these drinks at all costs. Do not go for Gatorade, instead, go for the zero sugar option. Make sure you read the label, be aware and just simply cut these unnecessary calories out. These calories are not going to benefit you, they are going to make your weight-loss journey that much more difficult.


There you have it Squadies, four of the healthiest food and drink products out there that really aren't healthy! I really think you guys need to cut them out!  The benefits are far outweighed by the negatives of consuming these products and again don't buy into how they're marketed. Understand that reading the label, the sugar content and the ingredient list is so important! By starting to do this, you can start seeing what all these products truly are! That's why I wanted to share this information with you guys, I wanted to educate you on some of the four biggest misconceptions as well as hopefully teach you guys what to start looking for when you are looking at healthy food! 


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