Happy Monday Squadies! I hope everyone had a RESTFUL Easter Weekend and enjoyed some much deserved Whoopsies (I know I sure did!). With a brand new week upon us, and another OPPORTUNITY to make this week extra lean, I wanted to make an exciting ANNOUNCEMENT! Starting Monday, April 20th (exactly ONE WEEK from today) we are launching the:


Each day from April 20th until May 20th you will get access to a brand new Bodyweight Workout Class! Classes will range between 10 and 45 minutes! The best part about Bodyweight workouts is that you DON'T NEED ANY EQUIPMENT AT ALL! All that is required is:
  • Water
  • Access to YouTube
  • A Yoga Mat (optional)
After the success of last weeks QUARAN-LEAN WORKOUTS, and raising nearly $4,000 for charity, we are going to continue giving back! A portion of your Challenge cost will go to those who need it most and have been most heavily affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic!
The early bird price for the The ENTIRE 30 Day QUARAN-LEAN CHALLENGE is 
$75 CAD!! ($53 USD)!! 
Don't Wait and Let the Early Bird Pricing Pass!! Sign up now and make that commitment to yourself and give back to those in need!
What you will receive

5 Bodyweight Workouts & 2 Recovery sessions per week (Stretching, Recovery, Regeneration) Don’t worry! We’re not going to “workout” for 30 days in a row During the course of the 30 Days, I will be releasing 5 workouts and 2 recovery days per week. Also, along the way there will be Stretch Routines, Rejuvenation Sessions & Ab Challenges to keep things fresh and exciting!You will follow along each day through my exact moves so that we are Working out together! All activity will be bodyweight so you don’t need any equipment at all!  
5 Mouthwatering Recipes Fuelling your body proper is CRITICAL to make sure you are Getting the results you deserve. It is one of the MAIN reasons Our Squadies are so successful. They are eating HEALTHY, NUTRITIOUS, TASTY RECIPES that keep them Satiated each day. As a part of the 30 Day Home Lean Challenge, You will receive exclusive RECIPES to compliment your daily exercise!    
2 Live Zoom Calls with Phil Mackenzie Have a question for me that you want to ask Face-to-face? No problem! Over the course of the 30 Day Challenge I will hold 2 Zoom Calls so you can ask questions, gain insight and provide feedback right away!
Access to an Exclusive SLACK Community to keep you motivated and Accountable One of the BEST parts about the 30 Day Home Challenge is that we are all in this together! When you sign up, you will have Access to the Slack community where you can ask questions, Get advice, share stories and keep each other MOTIVATED and ACCOUNTABLE.I, as well as the LEAN TEAM will be there to answer any questions You have! Each Morning at 6 AM EST, you will receive the link to the new workout! And to TOP IT OFF, we will again be donating portion of the proceeds will go to FAMILIES IN NEED due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

So what are you waiting for Squadies?

Let's do this! SIGN UP NOW for the 30 Day QUARANLEAN Home Workout Challenge