The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting and How to Use it to Stay Lean and Feel Leanmazing!

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

There’s a lot of leancitment around intermittent fasting and how it keeps you lean but what about all the other leanmazing benefits and how does it work?! Intermittent fasting is essentially an eating pattern, where you alter the periods of time you eat and periods of time you don’t eat. It is by no means a fad diet, or a diet at all for that matter.

There are many different types of intermittent fasting protocols and principles, but the method the LEANSQUAD and myself personally use is based on the 16:8 method of fasting. This means you’re going for 16 hours without eating (don't worry the leansquad way isn't that strict) and 8 hours with eating. Fear not, before you get too overwhelmed, we will discuss all the benefits and then exactly how you can use it to feel extra leanmazing each and every day!

1. Aids in Weight Loss

Intermittent fasting helps you lose weight by causing your metabolism to change. Through short term fasting, levels of growth hormone have been found to sky rocket which is associated with fat loss and muscle gain. This spike in growth hormone is a key proponent to altering your metabolism. This means you can enjoy nutritious, leanmazing foods and still burn fat!

2. Improves Brain Function

When we restrict calories our brain and body become more efficient in utilizing its resources. When we fast over short periods of time it has been to shown to improve cognitive function, alertness, energy and memory. 

3. Reduces Insulin Sensitivity Simply put, when we eat, our insulin levels go up. Insulin is the hormone that stops your body from burning fat. BUT when your body is in a fasted state, insulin is low and carbohydrate stores become depleted.  When this happens, your body starts burning fat as its main fuel source, which is exactly what we need to stay lean! What’s even more leanmazing, is that intermittent fasting also helps your body operate differently when you’re eating. This means that when you eat a meal after fasting, your body uses the energy immediately, instead of storing it as fat (or energy) for later use.  Now that we know about some of the leanmazing benefits and how it can help you on your lean journey it's time to learn exactly how to implement into your daily routine!!! Watch the video and learn exactly how I use fasting each and every day to stay lean all year round.