A new beginning: Lean Vlog


Yep. You read the title right. I am officially starting a lean vlog. Now, if your like me, and are a little unsure of what a vlog is do not worry. I didn't really have any idea when I first heard the word "vlog" either.

However, it is nearly 2018 and I am challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone and help inspire as many Squadies as possible to get fitter, healthier and leaner and to my surprise, vlogging is a great way to spread the leanness. 

Below is the first ever lean vlog and over the course of the next year you can expect tons of fat loss, inspiration, workouts, nutrition tips to help keep you motivated and your body burning. There are no lean limits!!!

Feel free to comment and share what kinds of things you would like to learn!! 

Let's get lean!!!