2 Week Healthy Emergency Food Supply List!

With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, we are surrounded by stress, uncertainty and the unknown. While it is our hope that a cure is found soon, in the meantime, it is important that we practice healthy habits to ensure that we don’t contribute to the spread of the virus. One of the key ways we can do this is by cooking meals at home. In the event of isolation or a temporary lockdown, it is important that we still each healthy and nutritious foods to keep our immune system strong! Even without access to fresh fruits, vegetables and meats on a regular basis, you can still eat LEAN and have a nutritious diet! In this blog, I’m going to show you exactly how to put together a 2 week HEALTHY emergency food supply list. pandemic attire All of these ingredients are super healthy, and non-perishable, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you eat them within two weeks, and to be honest are groceries and ingredients that I always have on hand, because when we fill our cupboards with healthy foods we in turn are far more inclined to eat healthy!! I wanted to share with ALL my Squadies some healthy canned and frozen food options! I have also created a DOWNLOADABLE SHOPPING LIST that you can print out and take shopping with you to ensure you are getting everything you need!   

What should I stock up on for my emergency food supply?!

Looking specifically at what kinds of foods to get, make sure you are covering the 3 macronutrient categories: proteins, fats, carbs and vegetables. Here in Canada, we are fortunate enough to have TONS of frozen, canned and even dry freezed healthy options at most local grocery stores. However, it is still VERY IMPORTANT, that you focus on stocking up on the healthy, non processed foods, because unfortunately most aisles are still stocked to the brim with some extremely unhealthy and ultra processed food items.


It is always super important to make sure you are getting your daily dose of protein in! Protein helps to repair tissues, create hormones and other essential chemicals in your body. It is also important for the strength and growth of your bones and muscles. Basically, protein will help you continue to stay strong and grow stronger all around! There are a ton of different healthy options in the canned or frozen section of your grocery store. You have the option of buying fresh meat and freezing it as one option, or you can buy pre-froze meats such as grilled chicken strips. You can also purchase canned meats. Besides meats, you can also get your protein from things like nuts, canned beans, and nut butters. Nuts and beans are an awesome option because you are getting both protein AND fat. Another benefit is that you do not need a fridge or freezer to keep these items from going bad. They can stay in your cupboards for months or years before expiring! For more protein options, download my emergency food supply list HERE
what to stock up for in an emergency


Fats are another essential macronutrient. They are an essential form of energy to our bodies. The most important reason why you NEED fats is because they allow your body to absorb nutrients. If you are not getting in your healthy fats, chances are you are not absorbing enough nutrients into your body.Fats also allow you to stay satiated for longer which can come in handy during a lockdown or quarantine. You can eat LESS and feel just as full for LONGER!  On the topic of fat, it is also important you are eating HEALTHY fats rather then processed or unhealthy fats like the ones you find in fried foods or packaged snacks. Some healthy examples of fats are nuts, beans, canned fish, and frozen avocados. Again, tons of these foods can stay good in your cupboards for a long time, so these are definitely must haves! For more foods that include healthy fats in them download emergency food supply list HERE.


Carbs are another essential macronutrient. Living the lean life, I always suggest not to go overboard with carbs, but they are super important to have, especially after a workout. Carbs are a source of energy for the body. They also help your muscles rebuild and heal after a workout. When looking at carbs, again it is important we are getting ourselves the GOOD carbs also known as COMPLEX CARBS! Processed carbs such as ones found in chips, white pastas, white breads, or anything made with white flour are the ones we want to STAY AWAY FROM! When stocking up, it is super easy to get yourself a BUNCH of these processed carbs which is NOT what you want if you are trying to feel your best throughout these couple of weeks. Some great complex carbs you can go for are oatmeal, chickpea pasta, whole grain bread and healthy crackers. For more healthy carb ideas, download by emergency grocery list!

Vegetables & Fruits:emergency vegetables

Both vegetables and fruits are essential, as they are a great source of many vitamins and minerals. They also contain a ton of antioxidants which is essential for us to have! Although fruits are important, if you eat too much, the sugar content can add up! I would suggest to stock up with mostly veggies as they contain the most dense source of essential vitamins and minerals. Again, we have a ton of options here from frozen fruits and veggies to canned! Some great options are canned peas, frozen fruits and frozen veggies.   

Emergency Supply Supplements:

During this time, in order to keep yourself healthy besides the obvious few tips such as washing your hands, is keeping your immune system strong! There are a couple vital supplements you should be taking to help you stay your healthiest. One of these being ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is a great supplement to help support brain health and function. It can help reduce stress levels, which is important to your overall health. It can also reduce levels of anxiety or depression. For more supplements you should have in your stockpile, check out my grocery list. You can also find out more about supplements I take and their benefits HERE.   There are a couple other  products such as sauces, snacks and drinks you should stock up on, for all these products download my GROCERY LIST!

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