10 Healthy Morning Habits

It’s September Squadies! September is a great time to kick back into a healthy routine after a summer full of whoopsies! What better way to get started than with a healthy morning routine?! 

Today I am going to share with you ten healthy morning habits that are not only going to transform your body but they are also going to transform your life! The good news is they are all super easy and quick to do! 

I am so excited because I'm going to be sharing with you my ten favorite morning healthy habits that will transform your life I promise you they are all super easy to implement and they will make a huge difference not only on your body, not only on your weight loss journey, but most importantly, on your mood, your energy levels, and how exactly you go about your day! I promise you you will feel ten times better! With that in mind, make sure you download the free guide and checklist that I have put together for this blog because I'm doing a big back lean campaign this September! My goal is to help as many people transform their lives as possible starting with this morning routine initiative, so download that guide let me know what you think!

We're gonna dive right into it, get excited it's time to get lean with healthy habit number one:


1.Waking Up Early

I think you knew that one was coming! The good news is I'm not just saying to wake up early I'm telling you exactly how you're gonna do this so listen closely, first things first, before you go to bed you are gonna lay out your workout clothes, your work clothes, your water bottle and shoes, all ready to go for the morning! Next thing you're gonna do is set your alarm but here is the key - I want you to set your alarm with enough time to make sure that you can get to the gym or do you workout at home and still get to work without feeling rushed. This is vital because when you're feeling rushed that increases stress levels which is not good for our weight loss journey and is not good for our mood! 

Here is the kicker Squadies, how do you make sure you get out of bed every single day?! You put your phone far enough from your bed so when that alarm goes off, you actually physically have to get up, out of bed to grab that alarm and turn it off! Once you're up out of bed, the hard part is done, and the rest is already done! You've got all your clothes laid out,  you open up the blinds the sun will be shining, and your body will be ready to get burning!

Tip number two well, you've woken up out of bed you've done the hard part, you're excited to smash the day and you were wondering -  what do you do next?!

I know what you're probably thinking well obviously I go to the fridge and I make breakfast because that is what I've been told to do my entire life! Well, stop you right there because in reality that is not true! I'm going to introduce you to one of the biggest life changing habits I have ever implemented in my life:

2. Intermittent Fasting

Now what intermittent fasting means is that you're basically skipping or delaying your breakfast and by doing so, your body is actually going to tap into your fat stores because you're going to be depleted of your glycogen stores, your body needs an alternative source of energy which just so happens to be fat! This means you are going to be burning more fat in the morning which is incredible and it also has a ton of mental benefits!

I do this every single morning, I do nothing, I just skip my breakfast and go on about my day and follow the rest of the steps I'm about to show you! With that in mind if you want to learn more about intermittent fasting I suggest you download the free guide!  I've also done a full video on all the benefits and how you can specifically practice intermittent fasting every single day, which brings us to tip number 3 - 

so now you have woken up, you skip breakfast and you're thinking: what do I do next?!

Simply put,  all you do is:

3. Drink Lemon Water!

Squeeze a little bit of lemon into a cup of warm water and you're going to drink a nice cup of lemon water! Again I've done a video on all of the benefits of it, but long story short lemon water essentially increases your digestion which means it's going to actually aid our intermittent fasting process and it also hydrates you and re-energizes you! You're gonna feel a little more alert after you have that lemon water which is exactly what we want in the morning!

I always start my day with a little bit of lemon and warm water and boom! I am off to the races!

4. Caffeine 

Next up is coffee, specifically caffeine because caffeine has so many incredible benefits, especially early in the morning! It increases our alertness, it increases our energy levels, it DOESN’T break your fast, and my coffee time also gives me a little bit of me time, I really really enjoy it, I Zen out, I feel good, I get excited for my next tip which is:

5. Fasted HIIT Cardio 

HIIT cardio, specifically fasted HIIT cardio is so incredible and effective is because we're doing high-intensity interval training which means we're in the gym or at home for a very short period of time, working at max intensity for short durations and recovering for short durations. We just continually repeat, back and forth, back and forth: work, recovery, work, recovery, for 15 to 20minutes! Now, the keys to this are that you really want to push it you want to elevate that heart rate as much as you can because afterwards the harder you've worked, the harder your body is going to work to recover afterwards! That means you are going to be burning more calories after your workout is done, that is why HIIT training is associated with the term “after burn” because your body is burning more calories than you would otherwise, after for example, a low intensity workout! It helps reduce your stress levels it also gives you a sense of accomplishment which is great heading into your day and finally it is so short, so we're all busy people and want to make the most of our time, especially in this day and age! In 15 to 25 minutes you can have accomplished way more than you would in an hour or an hour and a half  working out low intensity.That's a huge huge benefit, it's great for anyone pressed with time and it also has exponential benefits!

Next tip is - after your workout, well you're all sweaty you got a shower but what you are gonna do, is have a:

6. Cold Shower

By having a cold shower you can actually reap even more benefits early in the morning! A cold shower is great for numerous reasons, but most importantly it increases your immunity which is huge! We want to be staying healthy especially over the winter months.

Showering in cold water causes a little bit of physical stress on our body, which is actually GOOD for us! How?! A little bit of stress on our body causes our bodies to adapt and accommodate that stress so our body works really hard! We actually increase our white blood cell count which again improves our immunity which means we're going to be healthy and happy and energized every single day! 

Cold showers also spikes our metabolism, anything cold spikes your metabolism so that is a huge morning tip that you can implement! All you have to do instead of going hot you go very cold! You are going to transform your morning! 

7. Nutritious Breakfast 

Tip number seven is a nutritious breakfast! Obviously, after we've done all that hard work, we want to follow it up with some healthy nutritious foods to replenish our muscles to keep us feeling energized throughout the day! What we want to have is whole grains, fibrous, nutritious foods, also some healthy fats that keep us satiated and energized throughout the day! We do not want to have sugary processed foods because that sets us up for a big crash which is not what we want if we want to keep going strong, throughout the day.

A nutritious wholesome breakfast is vital to the success of our day which brings me to the next tip:

8. Meal Prep

Meal prep often sounds daunting to a lot of people when in reality, that is not the case at all!

By packing some easy to go snacks and lunch, you will be ready to replenish your body throughout the day with wholesome nutritious foods! That is vital again, we are so much more likely to go for easy processed foods when we have nothing healthy around us! By simply preparing early in the morning for the rest of your day, you're gonna make a long-standing impact on your overall health! Make sure you check out some of my meal prep recipes! They will help you understand the types of food you want to be putting in your body and how easy meal prepping can really be! 

9. Vitamins 

Now, I do not like overwhelming people with information about supplements, but supplements are simply a great way to aid every single individual in deficiencies. When our body is deficient, is gonna be very very difficult to function optimally which means our metabolism will probably suffering, our mood and energy levels will suffer, and a whole host of other factors in our body will not be able to perform, which is not what we want! Therefore, taking supplements can be a huge aid in so many people's lives and all it takes is a couple minutes! For me, I focus on the easy ones like fish oils, which is great for your joints and your brain health as well as a multivitamins which again, gets a ton of different vitamins in your body and is going to aid you in any areas you're deficient! The list really does go on and on and on, which I'm going to talk about in another blog, but focus on the supplements that you think are going to benefit you and your body. Also pay attention to your diet! If you think you are not eating enough veg and greens you're probably going to need a veg supplement to really make sure you hit those targets and allow your body the best chance of success.

10. Hydration 

Now it sounds so easy, but so many of us do not drink enough water which means we are not giving our body the best chance to succeed! All of these tips tie into one another, and when you start missing one two or three of them your body is really really going to suffer! 

The best thing about hydrating is it takes no time at all! Just like tips 1 through 9, they are also easy to implement all you need to do is make sure you make a mental note and get that 2 to 4 liters of water every single day! Bring your own bottle to work, keep refilling it whenever it is low. Refill it and I promise, it will have a huge impact on your overall health, joint pain, your mental alertness, your metabolism, all these things tie into hydration! 

If we cut hydration out, we are going to be in big trouble - so make sure you get your water! Make sure you hit those targets and make sure you try all of these things! 

You don't have to do all 1 through 10, but please do your best to give them a go because I promise you they all take very very little time but they will all make a huge difference in your body and health! That is what it's all about!