i am a ex-professional rugby player who has dedicated my post sporting career to helping make as many people healthier, happier and leaner as possible. i became sick and tired of seeing my friends and family members try new diets, long and gruesome workout routines and get nowhere near the results they deserve. 

Over the course of my professional rugby career, I was fortunate to participate in two world cups representing my country, play in the english premiership and captain one of first ever professional rugby teams in the United States. 

I was also fortunate, throughout all these endeavours, to be coached by some of the worlds based trainers and nutritionists. I was surrounded by incredible individuals who shed light on the best ways to train and fuel the body. 

This laid the foundation for me to launch forward and pursue my dream of helping as many individuals as possible. After helping educate my friends and family how to eat, workout and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle from a distance I decided to dedicate my time to develop a plan that allows people to get a lean and healthy body without starving themselves or wasting hours in the gym.

Shortly after, the leansquad and the 90 day lean plan was created to ensure people could partake on a fun, and realistic journey to leanness while being part of a lean team and community. Throughout my career I always relied on my teammates which is exactly why the leansquad was formed as a community. Squad members are encouraged to share their lean journey and lean-successes with each other! 

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The 90 day lean plan has worked for people of all different fitness levels, ages, and sizes and I have 100% faith if you commit you will achieve all of your lean dreams. I have seen so many amazing transformations with squadies not only looking amazing but most importantly feeling more amazing than ever before. 

I have travelled the world and been trained by the best and have worked hard to educate myself to ensure I use the best practices to get you lean. At times it's tough but i promise I won't give up on you. I believe everyone should be feeling great, looking their best and achieving their dreams. All it takes is a little direction and some hard work.