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change the way you see nutrition, exercise and life forever!

the 90 day lean plan

The 90 day lean plan is designed specifically to change the way you eat, exercise and live life forever. It is not a short term crash diet but instead focuses on laying out each step to get you lean. you don't have to worry about what to eat or how to exercise. everything from the recipes, amounts of foods, and workout routines are included in your own personal lean plan to get you burning fat and building the lean body you have always dreamed of.

Graduating University and living the “University” lifestyle was fun, until you’ve gained the “Freshman 40” and realize that it’s time to make a change. My change was becoming a Leansquad member back in January of 2017, and boy am I happy I did! I know I wouldn’t be at the point I am today if it wasn’t for Phil’s wicked lean workouts, the delicious (but lean) recipes in my customized meal plan, and the motivation and support Phil brings along my LEAN journey. The Leansquad program makes you feel good, energized, motivated and is a life long lifestyle!
— @Megannbates_, Current Squadie

what is the 90 day lean plan? 

The 90 day lean plan is a exercise and nutrition plan tailored to help individuals, men and women, of all fitness levels change their lives by burning fat, building lean muscle and get fitter than ever before. The plan is customized to meet each individuals needs and has already helped 100's of leansquad members achieve the life changing results they have always dreamed of. 

With your commitment, this plan will help propel you to live a healthier, happier, more confident and leaner life than you ever thought possible!

what you'll be getting

leanmazing recipes!


The 90 day lean plan will provide you with incredible recipes which are all tailored to make you fire up the body's fat burning abilities. recipes are all easy, tasty and range from deliciously lean protein pancakes to beefy burgers! 

  1. customized meal plan
  2. vegan/ vegetarian options
  3. yummy and easy to make!

lean workouts!

leansquad meals + leansquad workouts = leanness! 


The 90 day lean plan is comprised of workouts to meet your current fitness levels and are designed to incorporate limited equipment. Each phase will vary depending on your progress and will be updated monthly. The plans incorporate high intensity interval training which ensures we burn as much fat as possible in a short period while building nice, lean muscle. 

  1. fully customized workouts based on current fitness level and equipment available 
  2. each lean phase is different, workouts updated every 4 weeks
  3. every day of the week is laid out to suit your goals and lean dreams

lean support

Once you sign up, you become a leansquad member and therefore will have access to the leansquad coaching staff to answer any questions throughout your lean journey. Similarly, the lean coaching staff will frequently check in to make sure your staying on track because our goal is to see you achieve all of your lean dreams!

  1. text support
  2. email support
  3. lean support!!!!!!

start your lean journey today!