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5 Low Impact Workouts

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2 Bonus Recipes

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LeanSquad Squadie

The Rundown

About Leansquad

My name is Phil Mackenzie, and I am a former Professional Rugby Player and the Founder of the LEANSQUAD (I am also a father two twin boys, a toddler and Husband to my beautiful wife Brodie but I’ll get to that shortly)!

Firstly, after nearly 10 years of playing in the best league and two World Cups with Canada I eventually retired and as we were having our first son, Hudson, I made it my mission to help ANYONE and EVERYONE get fit in a realistic and sustainable way.

How your 7 Day Free Challenge Works

Fat Blasting Workouts

There are 5 x 20-25 minute workouts targeting different body parts and 2 x 15 minute optional recovery & abs strengthening sessions.

You will get emailed your daily exclusive sessions every morning to do on your own time!

Delicious, Easy to Make Recipes

I have included some of my favourite recipes to show you how enjoyable eating health and lean can actually be!

These delicious recipes will have you coming back for seconds!

Share your creations and get ideas from other Squadies on my new LEANSQUAD APP!

Learn all about the LEANSQUAD App!

This app is so many things, but most notably it’s more inspiring, motivating, and flexible. It has the ability for you to access all of the LEAN CHALLENGES, track your progress, eat all of my favourite tasty, easy recipes tailored to you, as well as access the exclusive and brand NEW ON DEMAND workout section that has an endless variety of workouts ranging from LOW IMPACT to running, to strength building and toning!

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